Sending the Save the Dates

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Now that the Save the Dates were designed and printed, the website was completed, the honeymoon location selected, the registries created and the mail merge finished doing my dirty work, I was ready to prepare the Save the Dates for mailing. Yay!

std01Ready to get stuff (get it?! stuff… hehe) done! // Personal photo

I grabbed a favorite blanket, turned on an episode of Castle (crime solving and puns – yes please!) and got to work. My supplies included my printed envelopes, my printed Save the Dates, stamps chosen by Mr. PB and an envelope moistener. I like to do all of one tasks at a time, so first up was stuffing. I purposely stuffed the envelopes so someone who opened it from the back would see the large football/ring picture first. After all of that was done, I let the envelope moistener do the next step. Don’t know what that is? Well, let me introduce you.

std02Conan wanted to help introduce you and the envelope moistener. // Personal photo

I bought mine from Office Max and two came in one package. It’s great because it has a little pad at the end, like the glue sticks from elementary school. You dab down a little on a scrap piece of paper, activate the moistener (which includes an adhesive – score!) and then squeeze just a little as you slide it over the sealant on the envelope. Boom, bam, done. No worries about having a Seinfeld-esque fate.

std03Notice the j&k as part of our return address? I’m serious about this branding stuff, people! // Personal photo

Now you may notice that I have quite a bit of Save the Dates left. Well, silly me, I forgot about the households that I will be sending multiple invitations to but only one save the date. So, I may have ordered over 100 Save the Dates when really about 70 would have been sufficient. I live and you learn, you’re welcome. On the bright side, I ended up with plenty of extra stamps to use towards other mailings like thank you cards and invitations.

The next day I headed off to the post office and mailed out the first official mailing for our wedding.

std04Action shot! // Personal photo

As silly as it may sound, especially seeing I had already done so many other wedding related tasks, there was something about mailing out the Save the Dates that really made the wedding start feeling real. I’ve thought about weddings and planned them in my head so many times that it takes something like sending out these tickets to remind me this isn’t all pretend. It’s really happening!

Did you send out Save the Dates? If so, did it make things feel more official to you as well?

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