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I’ve always loved cupcakes, individual portions of delicious cake and topped off with delightful frosting and sprinkles. I mean, really, how can someone NOT like cupcakes? (I actually know someone who doesn’t. It totally baffles me.)

Working in a call center allowed me an opportunity to feed the masses with the small yummy baked goods. I made cupcakes shortly after the wedding, brought them into work and somehow Frack’s now brother-in-law, Mr. PB, got his paws on one. He probably snagged one seeing Frack and I sat next to each other.

At some point, Mr. PB and I became friends on Facebook and started following each other on Twitter. Memory is sort of fuzzy but it happened. Anyways, neither here nor there but a couple of weeks after the wedding, Mr. PB tweeted at me:

tweet1My cupcakes bring all boys to the yard. I could teach you but I’d have to charge. // Source: Twitter/Photoshop

Shortly after that, I obliged and make some cupcakes. I even recall using Hannah Montana cupcake liners for the Funfetti treats. Being the nice person I am, I of course brought some to work for Mr. PB. He later texted me appreciation for the treats and that was that.

A couple of weeks go by and a tweet from Mr. PB caught my attention. Being the sports fan and trash talker that I am, I had to reply.

tweet2Honda uses these tweets as proof he called the relationship before anyone else.  // Source: Twitter/Photoshop

Just a day after that Twitter exchange, Mr. PB and I had a convo via text that included him performing a Jedi mind trick on me and completely changing the tone of the conversation we were having. Out of the blue, Mr. PB referenced me being the kind of girl he would want to be in a relationship with. After my brain spazzing out for a few moments, I continued down the path he was going. (He later said that the comment was only a joke but deep down, we both know it was the truth.) Mr. PB and I continued to chat via text for quite a while that night and ended up with completely different perspectives of each other. Gone was my perception of him, that he was an immature jerk who was perpetually annoyed with me. He no longer saw me as some annoying girl who thought she knew more about sports than she does. We both opened our minds and eyes up to something we didn’t see before.

Our first date was in the first week of September, we started dating during the second week and just four days later, I took the plunge and told him I loved him. And the rest, they say, is history our story.

Did you find love in an unexpected place? Did your baking skills or social media play a role in getting a significant other’s attention?


I was sure that Mr. Right was never to be found, that I’d be an old spinster and hoarder, alone forever. Fortunately, that was not in the cards for me. How I got to Mr. Right is a long, complicated story. So I’ll break it down into digestible parts for you…

I moved back home in 2009 after living in two states in two years. My return home due to a mix of missing my family, a lack of job opportunities in the field I wanted and a bit of uncertainty surrounding where exactly I wanted my life to go.

My resume was filled with a mix of customer service and communication experience. Knowing that bills wouldn’t just stop once I moved home, I applied to basically any job I was qualified for and ended up accepting a job in a call center for a wireless provider.

I unfortunately never received a call from Zack Morris. // Source: McGSquared

I walked into the job orientation and recognized someone from my high school. I couldn’t place her name but I knew I had definitely seen her around the school. We got to chatting and a friendship was immediately born. People in our training class even started calling us Frick (me) and Frack (her). Turns out Frack was recently engaged, which matched up perfectly with me being an OCD aspiring wedding planner.

The World Series came a couple of months into the job. I kept noticing this guy who had a lot of Yankees items on his desk and wore NYY gear quite often. The sports-loving lady inside of me couldn’t help but flirt. And flirt. And flirt. So much that the guys around him starting heckling me each time I’d visit his desk (like every day). I’m pretty sure some of them even started referring to me as his girlfriend. I later found out that one of those hecklers was actually Frack’s future brother-in-law. He definitely was a jerk and kind of pompous, always cutting me off whenever I’d try to talk about sports.

Time passes, nothing happens with Yankee boy and Frack’s wedding to Gee is two days away. I help set up at the venue and Gee’s brother shows up and does basically nothing while he’s there. I even tried to stir up convo with him seeing he was wearing a Buffalo Bulls shirt, my alma mater. Nope, nothing. Jerk.

The Gee and Frack wedding comes, totes amazeballs, and at the reception, a drink… or two… or 10 too many are consumed by yours truly. Rumor has it that this girl may have cried in the bathroom to the bride’s and groom’s mothers. (Not my proudest moment but I say it didn’t happen if I don’t remember it.)

GeeFrack WedidngGee, Frack and Me – after the I dos and before the ‘oh no she didn’t!’ // Personal Photo

Well anyways, I apologize about a billion times afterwards to Frack and she assures me everything is fine. What’s a girl to do about life when she’s down? Bake cupcakes, obv.

To be continued….

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my wedding blog, call me… Miss Phone Booth!

I have loved Weddingbee for quite some time and I am super thrilled to be here and have earned my stripes. I was cuddled up all cozy on the couch, hiding from Winter Storm Hercules, when an email came to my phone from Mrs. Mouse. I had applied to the ‘Bee once before and had been rejected (womp womp) so I tried to not get my hopes up too high. Luckily for me, it was an acceptance letter and I screamed and shrieked in delight. I immediately texted Mr. PB (he was at work) and called a couple of my bridesmaids. I just kept yelling “I’M A BEE! I’M A BEE!” Ahhh!

So now that you’ve learned that I’m super corny and get excited all the time, let me tell you a bit about the Phone Booths.


Oh heeeeyyyyy! We’re the Phone Booths! // Personal Photo

This is not the first wedding I have planned. In my 29 years of life thus far, I have often dreamt of weddings with various pop stars and celebrities such as Jordan Knight, Taylor Hanson, Justin Timberlake and Joba Chamberlain. A lover of weddings, I have a collection of wedding books and magazines that somehow didn’t scare Mr. Phone Booth off. I also have an addiction to Diet Mountain Dew, a serious collection of office and craft supplies and a slight obsession with Christmas, especially wrapping paper. I am a Rochester, New York native who spent seven years in other cities (Buffalo, Daytona Beach and Toledo), only to realize I’ve always belonged here. I work in school public relations full time and moonlight as a statistician for a local college athletics department.

West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where he spent most of his days… Okay, not really, but Mr. Phone Booth is able to recognize any episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air within three seconds. That’s fitting, seeing he normally doesn’t stay on a TV channel for much longer than that. He has a penchant for daily deal websites, random YouTube videos (especially Prank vs. Prank), Craigslist, electronics and researching potential trips, homes or adventures. Actually, he likes to research everything. A 24-year-old technical support representative for a wireless carrier, Mr. Phone Booth loves to spend his time dreaming up his next adventure or get-rich-quick plan.

Together, we love sports (I’m converting him to my teams slowly but surely), NYC (we try to go once a year) and crime shows (we watched the entire series of Law and Order:SVU when we started dating). I bring logic and organization to the relationship whereas Mr. Phone Booth infuses spontaneity and plenty of laughter into our lives.

155232_820332026038_1523560_nJust a month into our relationship, we were already sporting the each other’s team’s colors. May not seem like a big deal but for two diehard fans, this was a pretty big sign that there was definitely something there. // Personal Photo

So why the Phone Booths? [SPOILER ALERT] Mr. Phone Booth and I met while working for a wireless phone carrier so it seemed fitting to go with the Phone Booth. Plus, it’s ADORABLE! Also, I love peanut butter; it’s my Kryptonite. What does peanut butter have to do with a phone booth? Well, from here on out, Mr. Phone Booth is going to be known as Mr. PB. (See what I did there?)

Well, that’s all I have for now, Hive. I’ll be sure to give you a buzz later. (I can’t promise I will stop with the puns, but I will try my best.)

Freeing up the party line,
Miss Phone Booth

(did you just read that in the Mrs. Doubtfire voice? I hope so, because that’s the voice I wrote it in)

Hello friend. First off, let me say that you look mighty fabulous right now. You may be thinking “But Jen, I’m in sweatpants, a stained shirt and mismatched socks.” Ya know what I say? Fab-u-lous!

Anyways, we can’t officially be friends until you know a little about me, I suppose.

  • I’m a 20-something who is closer to 30 than to 20 (vomit).
  • I graduated from college in western New York in 2007; moved 1,200 miles south that summer; then moved 1,000 miles from there to the Midwest in 2008 and then a year later, made the 400 mile trek back home with all my stuff in a Chevy Cavalier. Long journey short: I was meant to be in Rochester, N.Y.
  • I am a hopeless romantic who thought for a longtime that she was destined to be eternally single. (spoiler alert: not true!)
  • I love to be crafty and creative. Ninety percent of the time I have 10 different projects going on at the same time and the mess from the previous 10 projects still around.
  • I’ve lived on my own many times but became a first-time homeowner about a year ago. Let’s just say that’s going pretty well but there’s still boxes to be unpacked and zero pictures on the wall.
  • I am trying to make it to one-derland. Not that place with a Cheshire cat and Queen of Hearts. Rather, the fabulous place the overweight plus-size fluffy girls like I dream of – the land where numbers on the scale start with the numero uno.
  • I’m random. I love quotes. I have two cats. Mayonnaise freaks me out. Pop culture is amazeballs.

So now that you know all that, we’re practically BFF. Maybe we can get one of those old school half-heart necklaces. Only if I get the Be Fri half, you can have st ends.

I hope to update this blog pretty frequently, rotating between topics and whatever is on my mind. Feel free to check back (often).

Until next time!