Keeping the Bridesmaids in the Loop

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Throughout the wedding process, it’s natural for people to ask about the process and how things are going. I have so many ideas, plans and details floating through my head at a given time so keeping track of who I told what to began to be a big mess. I’d start telling someone about a restaurant we found in San Diego that Mr. PB and I really want to go to and they’d look at me puzzled. Turns out, I hadn’t told them that was our plan. Oopsies. Or I’d go to tell them about the aisle runner and they’d look at me like I have eight heads because they heard about it seven times already.

I definitely didn’t want any information confusion or omission to happen when it came to the bridesmaids and important information like dresses, accessories and timeline. I could easily send out a quick email to the bridesmaids, but that’s too easy and simple for this girl. No, I like to make things complicated and pretty.

I decided to put together a Bridesmaid Bulletin. I designed it quick in Adobe InDesign but anyone could do something similar using Microsoft Publisher.

bulletinOhhhh, ahhh, pretty. // Personal photo

Things I included in the bulletin:
- A general note to all the ladies (including a countdown)
- Dresses – Info about the dress including style, color, date to when it needs to be ordered, cost
- Hair and Makeup – I let the ladies know that I would be hiring Ella in Harmony Salon to do their hair and makeup for the day of the wedding. (Looking back, this could have been clearer as some of the ladies didn’t totally get the message that I will be paying for the services for them. Make sure your super clear in what you say.)
- Accessories & Such – I gave the ladies ideas about the shoes, cardigans and jewelry I was looking at. (Not-so-surpringly, especially with my indecisiveness sometimes, I changed my mind on this topic but that’s for a later post.)
- Project Updates – Just a quite run through about the things in progress (in case I hadn’t mentioned it to each bridesmaids)
- Tentative Timeline – I included this as just a reference for the bridesmaids (again, in case we hadn’t talked about it)
- Upcoming – Yet another thing I included as an FYI. This also allowed them to see the plans and attend as well, if they were interested.

Could I have just sent a quick email with all of the same info and it work just as well? Absolutely. Did I complicate things by doing it this way? Sure. Would I do a Bridesmaid Bulletin again? Of course :)

How did you keep your ladies informed? Did you stick with email or was mass text good enough? Am I the only one who had a hard time keeping track of who knows what?

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