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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hey guys! Last time we chatted, I was sitting in my hotel room the morning of my wedding day. That feels like just yesterday…

To the contrary, it was a few months ago. The snow is falling again in Western New York (as it did on my wedding day) so I feel it’s an appropriate time to come back to the Hive as a missus.


For those who need a refresher on the Phone Booths, we met in a call center and fell in love over cupcakes. Our relationship moved quickly and after searching for a ring together, Mr. PB proposed on our two-year anniversary. (I also “proposed” to him with a trip to NYC.) We are not affiliated with a specific religion so we had to find a non-denominational site for our ceremony. After contemplating a few reception sitesa recommendation helped us find the perfect place. We enlisted multiple friendors for our big day. Mr. PB and I paid for the majority of our wedding, so we had to budget. After discovering a little wiggle room in the budget, I purchased a Silhouette paper crafting machine and never looked back.

I am a Pinterest-inspired bride who gifted her bridesmaids a box of goodies. I also used Pinterest for inspiration for our engagement pictures and our save the date. Our palette featured jewel tones and was a slight deviation from the original plan. I picked out gray dresses for the bridesmaids and decided I wanted them to wear cardigans. (You’ll notice I chose to wear one as well!) I found my wedding dress (on sale!) after finding inspiration, searching for a specific frock and trying on some that just didn’t feel right. My original wedding band didn’t feel right to me either, so I went with my gut and exchanged it.

I kept our guests updated with a wedding website and kept everything organized with Google Drive. Our families are crazy complicated and we knew we’d have some no shows. To accommodate our large family, we had to make some decisions about who to invite. I used branding to keep me on target and create a cohesive look for the big day.

I still have a few more DIY posts up my sleeve before I get into the recaps. Plus, I need to fill you in on my bachelorette party, bridal showers and our honeymoon fun in San Diego!

Missed you, Hive! Happy to ‘bee’ back :)


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