Where in the World Will We Honeymoon?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am so tempted to write this entire post as if it were an episode of my favorite game show as a kid:

Yes, I was a nerdy child who enjoyed educational television. Ain’t no shame in my game!

Anywho, Mr. PB and I love adventures and roadtrips so a honeymoon seemed like a nobrainer. Well, a nobrainer in theory. Seeing Mr. PB and I are footing the large majority of the bill for the wedding, we had to make sure that a honeymoon was something that could fit in our budget. After I crunched some numbers and figured things out, Mr. PB and I reviewed things and decided a honeymoon is a go, as long as we are conscious of the cost.

With our budget, overseas options went out the window. Bye bye to Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and Asia. (I’d say sinara to Antarctica as well but let’s be real, it was never a contender.)

My first thoughts went to the white, sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean and Central America. I mean who could say no to this:

This is the kind of stuff that calendars (and wallpapers) are made of. // Source: HD Wallpapers Inn

These locations were still a bit out of our price range. We even considered options available on Groupon but once airfare was factored in, honeymooning there would have maxed out us. And while the hotels offered excursions and some activities, Mr. PB and I aren’t sit around and lounge kind of people. We want things to see, activities to do, plenty of places to eat. We said adios to locations south of the US.

So, America and it’s lovely neighbor to the north were still on the list. Mr. PB and I have visited Canada a handful of times seeing it is less than two hours from us. Plus, we’d be honeymooning in March and their weather wouldn’t be much warmer than what we’d be getting at home. Canada, à tout à l’heure.

The good ol’ USA is probably counted out as a great place to honeymoon by many people but through searching, there are plenty of awesome places with lots to do throughout the US. Some cities that piqued my interest included:

Orlando – where Mickey and Minnie live // Source: Orlando Health

New Orleans – where the good times roll // Source: Destination 360

Miami – where LeBron took his talents (Go Heat!) // Source: Cheap Florida Bus

Outer Banks – where just about every Nicholas Sparks book is set // Source: National Geographic

Each of these places are beautiful and I would love to vacation there but they’re places that Mr. PB and I could see ourselves getting to in the next 10 years. We wanted our honeymoon to be somewhere that we probably wouldn’t visit in the next decade or so, making it a bit more special. Being an east coast couple, cities on this side of the country are easier to get to for vacations so the above cities were out as honeymoon spots. Our sights began to set on crossing time zones and heading out west. We wanted somewhere with a beach, lots of things to do, great food, good weather in March and easy to travel to. After much research, the winner is… (drumroll)

San Diego – where we will honeymoon! // Source: Bubblews.com

San Diego has a great mix of activities, beach life and food, all close distance to each other. There is also an airport with lots of flight options. We are super excited to spend eight days and seven nights in this beautiful city!

Have you visited San Diego and have any recommendations? Did you choose to honeymoon in the U.S.?

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