Cloaked in a Cardigan

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I love me a cardigan. Nachos and I share a serious passion for the fabulous piece of clothing that is a cardigan.  I have them in dark colors, bright colors, long sleeve, short sleeve, cropped, boyfriend cut, embellished with sequins, featuring crocheted detailing. I may even be wearing one right now.

Enough about my cardigan obsession… The wheels in my mind were still spinning as the wheels on my car began to make a return trip to my office. With a March wedding, how perfect would cardigans be? They could help keep my favorite ladies warm in potential cold weather plus bring gray to the girls’ colorful dresses. That way the girls would be color with a pop of gray and the guys could be gray with a pop of color.

I’m not surprised that Mrs. Cardigan incorporated her namesake into her wedding. And in gray nonetheless! // Source: WeddingBee

Love the gray cardigans in different shades. // Source: Style Me Pretty

Sold! Sold! Sold! I was all about it. One of my bridesmaids who shall not be named (proof how much I love you) was not a fan of the idea. I kept trying to sell it to her “But it won’t be like a Mr. Rogers cardigan, think Kate Middleton wedding dress No.2 angora cardigan” “You only have to wear the cardigan for the ceremony and the pictures, throw it in a trash can at the reception.” She wasn’t buying it but I decided that was my first “I’m the bride!” moment. I wanted cardigans and cardigans I would get!

Well, after I put my foot down on that, I proceeded to have my first “OMG am I really obsessing over this?” moment. Ya know, that moment where you are so deep in wedding thought about something so absurd that you kind of want to punch yourself because you’re being THAT bride? Yeah, mhhmm, that moment. Mine? Fuchsia vs. Begonia.

I will not bore you with all the details of said struggle, but it revolved around the available colors of bridesmaid dresses to fulfill the pink quota in our palette. Turns out that fuchsia was the color I was looking for, it has similar undertones to the purple and blue that was available. Unfortunately, David’s Bridal, where I figured I would get the bridesmaid dresses from, doesn’t offer bridesmaid dresses in fuchsia. (But they offer prom dresses in fuchsia. I tweeted my dismay at them but they merely suggested begonia to me. Grrrrrr!) Seething with frustration, I decided finding the right shades of each of the three colors for the bridesmaid dresses would just be too difficult. So, after all my hemming and hawing over the different options, I was back to my original vision with a slight twist.

Long, chiffon gray dresses with cardigans! (But maybe in jewel tones… still undecided) // Source: Style Me Pretty

Did you state your authority as the bride on a decision that others didn’t like? Did you get caught up on something silly that you just decided to circumvent?

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