Palette Alteration via BM Dress Dreaming

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Things were beginning to line up with the where and the when of things. My brain began to go into overdrive and dream up ways to have non-naked bridesmaids. I mean, hey, if you’re into that thing, that’s cool but I prefer to have things left to the guests’ imagination.

Back in the day, in the very early planning process, I dreamt of charcoal gray dresses and jewel tone accessories for the girls. I knew I wanted long and chiffon, probably strapless with a sweetheart neckline.

This gets a thumbs up but didn’t have the neckline I was hoping for. And the price tag was double what I hoped. // Source: Loverly

Getting closer… but still expensive. // Source: Beauty and the Groom¬†

Then I started thinking and I was afraid if the girls were in gray and the guys were in gray then the whole wedding party would look like a big rain cloud with only a little bit of color. I may have to deal with real rain clouds on my wedding day, I don’t want to create one inside too. I want bright! fun! cheerful!

As previously Pinspired, I loved the idea of putting the girls in different colors, showing off the jewel tones and bringing brightness to a March wedding. I sought out additional inspiration posts to make sure my vision was something that could work.

Fun and bright bridemaids (and a touching moment with the flower girl) // Source: Beat Beat Heartbeat

I was sold on the brightness and boldness. But I got to thinking… if I have two MOHs, four ‘maids, a junior bridesmaid and two flower girls, that’s nine ladies and I have four jewel tones in our palette. I could pick and have one color more than the rest but that would bother me. Ahhh, must think more! Lucky for me, I used to do a lot of driving for my job and that proved to be the best time for brainstorming. One day, while passing some open fields in the middle of nowhere, a light bulb went off – change the palette! If I take one color away from the jewel tones, that makes three and the last time I checked, three went into nine quite nicely.

Now what color to lose… Blue is my favorite color so I wouldn’t get rid of that. If I removed pink, it would leave a peacock palette and I’m more of a zebra girl. So it was down to teal and purple. As my drive continued, I realized that flowers naturally come in purple, whereas teal doesn’t span across many blooms (if any). So there it was, our new color scheme. I quickly shot off texts to Homegurl and Sharpie, figuring I would ask them what colors they would prefer to wear and that would help dictate the order. Homegurl’s favorite color has always been pink so it was no surprise she chose that and Sharpie has amazeball blue eyes so she decided to complement them with blue. No thinking necessary by this bride, the palette was adjusted and organized thanks to my MOHs.

paletteOhhhhh, ahhhhhh, gasp! // Personal piece of art photo

My heart was going pitter patter now that the colors could be spread out evenly. There technically will be more maids in pink seeing the flower girls will represent two of the colors through accents but all in all, the colors were evenly dispersed. Joy!

The only problem… I kept thinking…. Stay tuned!

As you began to think about details, did you change your palette? Anyone else overthinking EVERYTHING?

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