Figuring Out the When

Monday, August 5, 2013

Back when we started dating and wedding convos weren’t completely serious, Mr. PB mentioned that it would be cool to one day get married on the same day of the month that we started dating. I really loved that idea and may or may not have immediately researched if our actual anniversary fell on a Saturday anytime soon. (It did, last year, the day he proposed.) I tucked his comment in my mental filing cabinet and figured when the time came, I’d be on the lookout for keeping the day of the month the same.

A few other things came into mind when Mr. PB and I were coming up with a wedding date:

  • We wanted a Saturday.
  • We wanted to avoid any major holidays and busy work times (September and June).
  • We needed time to save money.
  • I didn’t want to wait too long. (I hoped to be married before I turned 30. I was 28 when Mr. PB popped the question.)

Our actual anniversary didn’t meet two of those characteristics–it’s a Sunday this year and it’s during one of the busiest times of the year for me. With that date out, I figured we could have the next best thing: the same day of the month, just a different month.

In our neck of the woods and most places across the country, off-season wedding dates have benefits including lower prices for most bridal services. Granted, we may have some elements to battle but less stress on the wallet is too big of a pro to let Mother Nature steer us away. With that being said, we are still hoping Mother Nature will show us a little wedding love. Western New York is known for snowfall but there have been some pretty mild winter days in the past couple of years.


January 2013 in Rochester – temperatures ranging from 14°F up to 69°F. Rochester weather is truly a gamble. // Source: Wunderground

So, I put on my bride thinking cap and pondered our date wish list. Taking in to consideration what we wanted in a date, I figured March 2014 would be perfect. Our anniversary day of the month is a Saturday, it’s not near a major holiday, March would give us winter discounts from most vendors and it would make me a Mrs. three months before the big 3-0. Mr. PB was good with it so now we had a date!

What factors did you consider when you picked your date? Are you worried about weather on your big day too? Or did you happen to have a warm winter wedding?


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