Picking the Palette

Friday, July 19, 2013

In my fantasy wedding planning, the color scheme always changed. It was red and black for a while and then once I went to college, I liked the idea of blue and white – my alma mater’s colors. Once again, I was pulled into reality when I realized it was time to really pick a color scheme.

As I thought about colors, I realized that I have always gravitated towards jewel tones. Shades of purple, pink, blue and teal were always the first crayons I’d pick out of the 64-count Crayola box. (Violet, wild strawberry, cerulean and jungle green, to be exact.) The majority of my wardrobe is one of those four, bold colors. I feel like it may be a result of me being a product of the 80s and therefore a fan of early 90s television.


While the fashion didn’t stick with me, the colors sure did. // Sources: Throwback Kingdom, Kate Colored Glasses, Ashley the Fashion Guru; Edited by Me

Growing up, I also watched Beauty and the Beast a lot. Like a lot, A LOT. (Maybe you noticed one of our cats is named after the book-loving, open-minded, patient-hearted brunette heroine.)  On top of loving the characters, the story line, the songs and everything else about the movie, I really loved the beginning and the beautiful colors of the stained glass windows.

Maybe I can install one just like this in my mansion when I win the lottery. // Source: Disney Princess Palace

As you can tell, the jewel tones were ingrained into my brain from a young age. I suggested the color combo to Mr. PB and with no hesitation he approved. Whoohoo! He liked the idea of multiple colors and agreed it would help brighten things up. So there you have it, the wedding color scheme:

original paletteMy pretties. // Source: Me and my Photoshop skills :P

What helped dictate your color scheme? Have the colors been something you’ve gravitated towards for a while?


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